Join Independent Printing & Packaging for our educational video series “Big Ideas with Scott.” Tune in for lessons that will make you an expert at selling print products. It’s easy and profitable!


No matter what you’re selling, we can make you a fantastic casing that’s sure to wow your customers.

Foil Stamping & Embellished Printing

Stand out with your logo foil stamped on your printed items! Your customers perceive your quality from the look of your brand image… Make yours shine! See why foil embellishments are beneficial, what colors are available, and watch how machine applies foil to printed items.

Die Cutting & Custom Printing

Join Scott as he shows you about creating “in your face” impact for your next promotion! See how the die cutting process works in printing, and how a die cuts a piece of paper. Also see a custom box prototype being made with a CAD cutter.

Printing Inks

Scott talks about ink properties you should know when selling printing, presentation folders, and other print products. See different ink options, spot colors, how full color is made, and more. Watch to see how printing works, and to see a printing press in action!

Print Varnishes & Finishes

Want to have your printed piece stand out from the crowd? Add a truly unique look and finishing touch with specialized varnishes, aqueous coatings, UV coatings, and lamination. With gloss, satin, dull, and matte options, Scott will tell you about the differences between coatings, and help you decide which process to choose for your next project.