Fulfillment Services at Independent Printing & Packaging

Independent Printing & Packaging has offered fulfillment services for years. We are a trusted partner for you and your customers’ products and brand—we make it easy and affordable to provide the space and staff to fulfill orders—it’s simple, easy and worry-free!

We’ve designed a user-friendly warehouse management system with state-of-the-art radio frequency (RF) technology, we offer inventory information whenever you need it,

Customers rely on us to have solutions to store, pick, pack and ship across the country safely, consistently and on time. We also provide accurate inventory data in real-time. We always know where your items are every step of the way.


• We have a 475,000 cubic foot Distribution Center adjacent to our main facility.
• We are strategically located in the Midwest for efficient shipping and logistics.
• Track order placement (who/when/how much)
• Inventory management and reporting

Inventory Management

Dedicated warehouse specialists utilize RF technology and hand-held inventory computers to provide accurate kitting and pick/ship processing. Orders ship within 24-48 hours from our mid-western centralized location, and are carefully processed. Simply send us your order and we take care of the rest!