Are you new to selling packaging and not sure what questions to ask your customer at your initial consultation? We get it, there is a lot that goes into a packaging print job. A lot of questions, a lot of data, a lot of time. But the effort can pay dividends. To help, we’ve created a question guide, divided by need to know vs. nice to know, to help you gather all the pertinent data on the first call and get a jump start.

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NEED to know:

  • What is going into the package?
  • Stock – type and weight
  • Quantity
  • Dimensions – L x W x D
    • Length – left to right
      Width – front to back
      Depth- top to bottom
  • Are the dimensions from the inside (usable space) or outside?
  • Style of box? – Tuck, lift top, tote, carrier, sleeve, etc.
  • Bottom style? – Tuck, auto-bottom, 1-2-3, seal end, etc.
  • Is a tray/insert needed?
  • One or two sided?
  • Any special processes? – UV, foil, lamination, emboss, raised foil, etc.
  • What is the budget?
  • What is the timeline?
  • Are there multiple versions?
  • How will it be used?
  • Is fulfillment or warehousing needed?

NICE to know:

  • Is this a one-time run or will it possibly repeat?
  • Are there other pieces it will need to match?
  • Is this a brand new or existing piece?
  • Is there a die line, photo, PDF, physical sample?
  • Is a window needed? Patched?
  • Seam in or seam out? (for glue tabs)
  • Will there be a UPC code? Where will it be placed?
  • Will the package be used for children? CPIS requirements
  • Will the packaging have direct contact with food?
  • Will the package be distributed by hand? Mailed/shipped?
  • Will the package be exposed to heat, cold, moisture? Stored in a cooler or freezer
  • Shelf life/durability needs – Going into a retail store?
  • Is a hanger hole required?
  • How much does the product weigh?
  • Does the package fit into something else?
  • How is the package being filled? – Hand or machine
  • Will the package be used multiple times or one and done?
  • Any packaging/shipping requirements? – Boxing, skid, labels, etc.